Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Think Big, Play Big, or Go Home!

Think Big, Play Big, or Go Home!

Sometimes we get caught up in the things of Life that seem to be real! Really, the truth is that they are usually small things that we allow to take over our Mind, over shadow our goals, and become the foundation of excuses. Excuses serve our ability to deny our own greatness. Why not cut the excuses and Play Big?

Cutting the excuses takes believing that there is an alternative to what you see, believe, hear, or are told. Excuses serve to shift responsibility from you. Not taking responsibility blocks acknowledgement of the natural power given to you. EXCUSES=NO POWER. It would seem that deflecting the responsibility to someone else would free you up to live a Life of freedom, power, and full self-expression. It just so happens that the opposite occurs. There is no freedom, no power, and seldom is there full self-expression. How then can you think big and play big to create a Life you love?

Have you ever talked to a child? We naturally think big and play big. My son loves Superheroes, animated charaters, and all things adventurous. He has not yet blocked that part of himself as an adult has learned and believes is necessary. When he walks up to an automatic door he believes he has the power to open it and acts as though he is! As we speak about where he wants to go in the World, he talks about China. His mind takes him to places and envision things that are Big, if he is editing his thoughts I would love to see the full vision. However, as adults we edit through what we have been told is possible, who we think we are, who we think others are, what we think is possible, and how long we think it will take to achieve our goal. Your natural power is only released when you are willing to give up your perceptions, beliefs, and excuses. Allow yourself to dream the dream which you thought could never happen and begin looking at how to create it. That includes people, places, finances, etc. Let it live!

To play big all the same rules apply, think about how to have what you want created. Playing bug takes action and unless you are willing to invite other kids into the sandbox you are playing small. Expanding your circle, including others into game moves the ball down the court with speed. An without you knowing it, the game becomes fun, assists others in developing their game, and even brigns you a few friends and associates that want to play the game of Life with you. Playing small only serves to keep you from living a Life of freedom, power, and full self-expression.

Remember playing with a group of children when you were young? If you were playing a team sport you expected them to come in with the thoughts of winning and winning BIG or you would be ready to send them home! The same can be said for you now with the people who are in your circle. Do they THINK BIG and PLAY BIG? The question can easily be internalized. Do you THINK BIG and PLAY BIG? If not, then what are you gonna do. Go home or get on the court?