Saturday, July 26, 2008

Attract it!

For two plus years, I have studied and participated in The Law of Attraction via The Secret, a Course in Miracles (a little), and other teachings. The think I find the most interesting is that there are people who know bout the Law and yet, cannot quite Master it. Not saying I am a Master, I am interested in being a Master at it.

The Law encourages people to master themselves from each thought and emotion to the words we speak. All of that brings Life to your reality. Expanding who you are invariably will attract what you want, depending on what you want. Recently, I looked at the things I have or do not have and it is true I attracted it. Now, it is up to me to either attract something else or be content with what I have attracted. You can change your Life in the blink of an eye by transforming what you attract and what you are attracted to!

My choice is to be attracted to the things, people, and places that bring and exude abundance.
What are you attracting and to are you attracted?

Sidney Gaskins
Enterprising Life
Unleash Your Life!