Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Responsibility Breeds Results

Something Every Leader Knows

Before getting into any discussion about responsibility or being responsible, it makes sense to have a clear definition of the word. Often, people have an idea or concept of what something means. This is the definition to use for the purposes of this article.

re•spon•si•ble \ri-ˈspän(t)-sə-bəl\ adjective 1 a: liable to be called on to answer b (1): liable to be called to account as the primary cause, motive, or agent (2): being the cause or explanation.

With that under our belt, to be responsible is no small task. Most people spend their lives avoiding being responsible for their actions. George Washington Carver once said, "Ninety-nine percent of all failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses.” Who are these people and for what are they responsible? Or the question could be posed for what am I responsible?
The Who, not the group, is you and those around you. But, let us make it personal. You are responsible for your actions, inaction, what you see, say, think, and do not think. Yes, it might seem like an overwhelming task. However, every aspect of your Life depends on your action, inaction, what you see both metaphorically and literally, what you speak out of your mouth, how you think and how you do not think. And the only person responsible for that is you. Of course, you might go back to what you were or were not exposed to as a child, the environment from which you came, teachers who were not nice, people who picked on you, and the list goes on. At the point in which you choose to take responsibility all of that disappears and you come out with strength, power, and freedom. Strength, power, and freedom to do, be or say, what is needed in a given situation, time, or place without restraint. “Although there may be tragedy in your life, there's always a possibility to triumph. It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always,” was said by Oprah Winfrey. There is no greater responsibility that what you take for yourself. At the same time, once you are able to see you are responsible for your actions, inaction, what you see, say, think, and do not think; you now become responsible for the consequences bestowed on others as a result.

For what are you responsible? No one can escape the consequences of who they are or are not. Consequences are not good or bad, they simply are what they are. You choose to do or not do something there are going to be consequences. No matter where you turn you have responsibilities. The first definition of responsible is “liable to be called on to answer” after that we find, “to be called to account as the primary cause, motive, or agent,” and “ being the cause or explanation”. You are responsible for those things you can be held to account. You are responsible for those things for which you can make an impact whether you see the impact or not, it does not matter. You are responsible for your “actions, inaction, what you see, say, think, and do not think.”

John Quinones, of ABS News, hosts a show called “What Would You Do?” which videos the response of people in different situations. For example, some show topics have touched on whether or not people would step in if they saw a person of color being harassed at a clothing store, gay patrons being bashed at a local pub, a Hispanic being beaten up and called names on a busy street, and seeing the spouse or significant other of a close friend snuggling with someone other that your friend; what would you do? Being responsible is a way of life and has you impact the lives of those around by expanding your reach. When can you afford not to be responsible? The price of greatness is responsibility; maybe it is that we are afraid of our power, strength, and ability to be free. Being responsible often produces great results meaning we are seen as great people. And truth be told, most people like the thought of being great, not what it takes to get there.

The results produced from being responsible are many; a Life of excitement for each day, the power to have situations be what you want, causing the lives of others to be transformed, clarity to make choices and decisions with no regrets, the courage to make things happen, and being seen as a leader. A leader is someone who is confident in their abilities and the abilities of those around them, allows others to have results which impact their life, and, John Buchan said it best, “the task of leadership is not to put into humanity, but to elicit it, for the greatness is already there.” Taking responsibility no matter what has others be responsible for their greatness, their action, in action, what they see, say, think, and do not think. It elicits responsibility, action, and leadership in others. Responsibility breeds responsibility which breeds results.

Today, take responsibility for both your past and your future. Take responsibility for your actions, look for places you are not being responsible, when you see places that require someone to be responsible you be the ripple in the pond, if there is something that needs to be said and it will make a difference say it, begin to transform your thoughts to those of action and being responsible for your greatness, and you will be amazed at the results you produce. Great people are responsible leaders and responsibility breeds results. Are you ready to unleash your greatness and produce results?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Be a Magnet for What You Want

“Personality is to a man what perfume is to a flower.” -Charles Schwab

In Life, relationship, business, and your career you are attracting different people, things, and opportunities. You are also repelling the Life, relationship, business, and career you want. How? The simple answer is personality, presence, and magnetism. In all parts of Life your personality out shines your knowledge and abilities. How do you become a magnet for the things that you want? Here are three ways to being a Magnet for What You Want.

1. Be a Possibility Hound
Keep your thoughts focused on the things that are possible in with each day, week, and month. When you meet new people think of what is possible for them out of meeting you and you meeting them. What interests do you have that you can share? Treat them as you would a King or Queen, they have your full attention.

2. Excellence Focused
Being a person who strives from excellence at all times and encourages others to do the same is one of the most attractive qualities in a personality. Let it be noted, there is a measurable difference between showing excellence through example and assisting people in achieving excellence and being controlling or overbearing to have excellence appear.

3. Effective Communication
Effective speaking and communication send your magnetism meter higher than you might think. People who are able to get their ideas and thoughts across are able to attract the people and things they want in Life. The ability to also listen to others communication and repeat it back to them is a key to letting others know you were listening to their communication. People have risen to great heights of personal achievement because of their ability to sell themselves and their ideas through dramatization of speech. The most important factor in effective speech is a thorough knowledge of the subject on which you are speaking. All the rules of effective speaking can be stated in one sentence. Know what you want to say, say it with all the emotional feeling at your command, and then sit down.

Your success in getting what you want, selling yourself, and your idea is 98% personality and 2% knowledge. It has been said that “some people have so much personality, presence, and magnetism that they brighten a room when they come in. Others have so little, that they brighten the room when they leave”. Apply the three ways to be a magnet and you will begin to see the things you want materialize. You will be the one to brighten the room and have your dreams realized.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Change Your Life

You have the power to transform your World right now. It takes transforming the way you relate to yourself and the people around you. Intending to have an existence that is in line with what you want takes being intentional daily. To ignite your Life means releasing the old ways of being and creating something new. There are six ways to begin that journey:

1. Invest in You: Assess your needs, wants, and desires then make those your priority. Address your list one item at a time each week, the investment in yourself will start to ignite the flames of the Life of your dreams.

2. Get Moving: Take out the list of things you mean to repair, people that need a return call, get moving in asking for that raise or looking for your dream job, or starting that business. Write three (3) things that you are going to complete each day to begin fanning the flames of the Life you want.

3. Never Quit: When you find yourself in a time of failure or what can be called “the dip of Life” reevaluate where you have things undone and move on them. Never quit, never give up. You might do best to call a friend, let them know what you are up to, and ask how they can help or if they will become an accountability partner.

4. Inject Positivity: One way to inject positivity is to write your goals in a place which is prominent; the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator, your computer screensaver, and the dash of your car. This will keep your commitment to forward thinking in front of you each day. Surrounding yourself with people who are positive and support you in moving forward is key.

5. Togetherness: Get outside of yourself and be with those who love you, those who have the same interests, and those who are where you are headed. Life happens while you are sitting and thinking about what to do or how to do it. Get involved with a volunteer project, a family member, coworkers, or a social issue you are passionate about; you never know what will come from being with people.

6. Eye on the Prize: When running a race there are many things that have gone into being at that starting line, getting up early to train, eating the right foods, resting, weight lifting, and missing friends and family events at different times. Keep your eye on what you are moving towards, all the other stuff is circumstances or reasons that come up with Life. Keep your Eye on the Prize.

How do you Ignite Your Life? Consistently put these things into practice and soon you will recognize your Life as what you dreamed now being real. The best way I can offer for you to reach your goals with velocity is to join the Unleash Your Power Group Coaching beginning in two weeks!