Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Wealth of Southfork

7 Things No One Told Me About Wealth

Throughout my life I have seen wealth in certain ways. I loved watching Falcon Crest and Dallas, now that was wealth. OF the two my favorite was Dallas. Who did not want to live at South Fork? South Fork was this 200 acre lusciously green piece of land with horse stables situated on the property. The home itself boasted 4,769 sq. ft., a classic staircase, gorgeous rooms, a pool, and a dramatic foyer. That had to be “the Life.” Not to mention, the money. Oil, oil, everywhere means money. At my tender age, all of that looked like wealth. And I believed it. Southfork represented wealth, but wealth is not all it is cracked up to be. Wealth is not horses, 200 acres, 4,769 sq. ft. of house, a classic staircase, and all the aforementioned things. In fact, it is elusive. It can be smoke and mirrors.

You may know that Southfork is real place situated in Plano, Texas. Few people know that the Southfork we think of was originally called Duncan Acres and it was the second home of the Ewing family. The original home of the Ewings was the Box Ranch. Did you know that the interior views we all saw were from the Swiss House, which included my favorite staircase? The Swiss House interior became a part of the new set in Studio City, California. None of that stuff was real. Not even the wealth. The idea of wealth is elusive. It can be smoke and mirrors, if you let it. Remember all the relationships gone awry, the fights, adultery, backbiting, and money grubbing? Is that wealth? If so, I do not want anything to do with it.

No one sat me down to share the definition of wealth. Over the years, my definition has transformed from strictly money to a broader definition. Thank goodness for the opportunity to transform my definition, but there are 7 things no one told me about wealth which should not be missed by anyone.

1. Wealth is Not What You Have Been Told. According to the American Heritage Dictionary the wealth can be defined as, “an abundance of valuable material possessions or resources.” What do you value, possess, and have as a resource. That is your wealth.

2. Be Careful What You Do. Your career is a source of wealth whether you like it or not. No matter where you are when it comes to your career or job, it is a resource for something else. Do you like your work? Is it a place where you can grow? Remember your career or job is a resource for something.

3. Almighty Dollar is Not the Whole Picture of Wealth. Of course, money is a part of wealth. It is a resource, if used correctly. Are you free of anxiety or worry around money? Can you do what you want and do the things that are important to you? Money is a resource for something too.

4. Fun in the Sun Make a Difference. Regardless of what you think a part of wealth is the ability to have fun. Activities have a way of renewing your spirit, reminding us of how free life can be, and resetting our compass. Do you make enough time for yourself and other people in your life? Fun is a resource for something too.

5. Eat Your Veggies. Too often we forget about our health and well-being. Unfortunately they are inexplicably tied together. You cannot have well-being without health or vise versa. If I might be so bold as to say that without your health or well-being nothing else is possible nor matters. How do you work, spend time with friends, etc. without it? Your health and well-being are a resource for something too.

6. Personal Growth is Not Just Praying. No one person has the answer of how you should grow or develop through life, however you can continue to push yourself beyond what you already know about who you are in many ways. That might be through spiritual development, activities that expand your limits, or engaging in conversation that challenge your current beliefs. No matter what you think now, personal growth is a resource for something too.

7. That Someone Else Can Truly Be Significant. Uh, oh! Last but not least, is the “significant other” conversation. No, I do not advocate running out to find yourself someone just for the heck of it. Being in an intimate relationship takes something which many people do not want to offer. It takes being vulnerable, free of past resentments, willing to love, and to share the inquiry of life with someone who may not always agree with you. It expands you in ways you may never expand. Relationships are a resource for something too.

Defining wealth in the modern age, has been a matter of splitting hairs or even expanding the definition. If you are running after 6 figures in your bank account you may miss out on the wealth all around you. If you are only taking in the wealth all around you like relationships, fun, and food, but missing the payments that will allow you to be secure in your life, you too are missing out on wealth. It is a balance that can be achieved by taking the time to assess where you are in all areas of life then taking action to develop them. You can start your journey here by taking the Personal Assessment and completing the Financial Fitness Assessment. You can build wealth in your life beginning today.